Why there haven’t been….#3

Day 3, to be honest this is my first three day ever committed to blog. Never before get this much of commitment in writing a blog. But yeah promise is a promise, and man are his words. So here I am try to talk about my 3rd Irritating Idea and now I wanna talk about Culinary.

So the Idea is…



Well here in Indonesia when we buy steak they always served using Barbeque Brown Style Sausage. Its kinda boring and frustrating having to eat that same sausage over and over again when I want to eat steak.


So the concept is simple. Try to serve Steak using
-Rendang’s Sausage
-Sweet Tomatoes Sausage
-Bulgogi Sausage
-Melting Cheese Sausage

Or any other sausage that available in this world. Be creative!


How to spot local players in Dota2

Haha pinoy sucks

BTS and Pieces

Everybody in Dota 2 Knows “Pinoy” gaming. It has been classified as unpredictable and amateur-ish, and mostly gung ho. since I play in SEA I’ve always known if my teammate is Pinoy even if he doesn’t say he is. Obvious signs include:

1st pickings of these heros: Pudge, Mirana, Dragon Knight, Queen of Pain, Puck.  Most of the Pinoy gamers I know play mid, and only mid most players in my solo MMR rating* Don’t know how to gank, or control the mid lane, they just focus on their creep score and the tower aggro, Not even checking if there is a missing hero in the other lanes.

* (2600+/- yes I suck because I always play support and my carries always manage to waste my efforts.)

2nd sign for having a Pinoy team mate is the use of the words: aw, om na, om, bobo, log, “-clear”, etc. some…

Lihat pos aslinya 264 kata lagi

Why there haven’t been…#2

To the point…


Cigarette Ash is disgusting, and stink
When no ashtray people usually throw their cigarettes ash everywhere near them
There’s already portable ashtray, but not really popular, and sometimes people forget to bring it.

It will be like condom,but for ash.
It collect cigarettes ash rather than unwanted cement.
After you fill the ashtray with your cigarettes ash, you can simply throw it in trash bin.
It should be sold as cheap as possible
Built using recycle material, but fire proof.

What’s the effect?

Cleaner environment
Develop good habit for smoker
For those who develop this product, certainly will give you good fortunes