Cafe Reviews : BlackBone Cafe, Yogyakarta ID

Yogyakarta, ID – BlackBone Cafe
Date : 14 April 2015
Cafe Ambassador : Sang Indra
Cafe Name : Black Bone Cafe
Location: Jl. Kaliurang Km 5.2. Karangwuni.
Yogyakarta. (East Sego Sepiring Restaurant in Jakal Jogjakarta)

Environment: Cozy and nice place for hangout. The seat capacity isn’t much (its a small cafe actually), but you will get a romantic and intimate sensation once you are in it.

Furnishing: 5 Stars
Wi-Fi: N/A (I haven’t test the wifi yet)
Power Point: 5
Cost of Latte : 30.000 IDR nett
Quality of Food: N/A
Quality of Drinks: 5 stars
Alcohol: No
Services: 4 stars
Seating Capacity: 20 pax
Operation hours:
11pm -1am everyday maybe (need confirmation)
Parking: Street parking just infront of the cafee. Max 3-4 cars I guess and 20 motorcycle.

Open for Events:No

Overall comment:
This BlackBone Cafe is really famous with its friendly yet knowledgeable Barista. They will come to your table. Told you story about coffee’s origin, let you smell the aroma of coffee and perform you a laboratory level of serving Coffee. I am really stunned with the accuracy of everything they use to serve us. They calculate the degrees of steam water, the gram of coffee ingredients, and the time needed to do multiple method before they serve your coffee. And that was something that makes me fall in love plus told a lot of my friends about this Cafe. Stop by if you hit Yogyakarta.

Stars Rating-
(6 Stars – Excellent | 5 Stars – Very Good | 4 Stars – Good | 3 Stars – Acceptable | 3 Stars – Average | 1 Star – Poor)
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