Validating Direction

Dear Sang Friend,

Three days at Paris Van Java made me realize the component I missed in my entrepreneurship journey. And that component is Validating. Just like you I like to assume about future. Connecting dot and think that everybody is me. The truth is, not, I’m not everybody, and in the end there’s no such thing as everybody. There’s only group of somebody that have similarity, but there’s never been everybody. So when I made something and assume that everybody will love it, well that’s just simply super dumb assumption which will only result in dissapointment .

Validating is the component to make sure any assumption we made. Is it genuine and brilliant or simply dumb and egocentric. Validating is the key to assure that we built something correct for the correct group of somebody.

For that thing to happen, we need to make sure that we know what kind of group we are going to face, which make us need to validate our potential customer. Who are they, what is their criteria, how they behave and how to communicate with them. This will lead to further business strategic decision as we more understand to whom we deliver our solution.

After we know who is our potential customer we need to make sure what is their real problem. What hurt them most. And this is the tricky one, as we-most of the times-like to pretend that we are them or assume that if we are in their position we will have some sort of troubles, which-most of the times-not.  That’s why its better to develop something that we really need because at least we experienced the real pain in reality, and of course making sure that some group like us really exist.

This concept was thought to me during @indigoincubator event from Telkom Id. I was introduced to the concept of validating as stated in Lean Startup Method. For me it seems logical reason that answered to my struggle developing some Information System product I’ve done before. I never validated weather the potential customer really exist and their problem is really there. I’m too focus on solution, and when I sells my product I always do Feature Pushing Sells Style. That was happened because I always assume that each customer I faced will have the same problem, which time has tells that they didn’t.

So, the journey continue, with new frame thought to face the uncertainty in entrepreneurship world. Idk this will work or not, I need to validate it first. But still, I thanked God for this lesson. May this bring better fortune for me, my company and the whole world. Time will tells, thank you for reading lets go back to work ….:D


4 respons untuk ‘Validating Direction

  1. Jadi teringat kata-kata ente dulu waktu ane mau pulang kampung.

    “Kalau pasarnya belum ada, ya ente yang bikin Wo. Bikin pasar. Bikin orang pada akhirnya butuh. Eh, akhirnya ketika pasarnya udah jadi, ada pemain lain masuk terus ikut jualan. Terus dia yang lebih laku”

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